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Empire Messaging has been recommending and selling Hosted Fax Services, EDI Services, and Telex Solutions to Corporations since 1993. Teaming up with top Solution Providers, we have implemented 1000’s of client solutions. Leveraging the skills of an experienced team, Empire Messaging advises, designs, and implements specific solutions to meet the requirements of your mission critical messaging and e-commerce applications.


Empire Messaging advances document delivery by providing services that are designed to manage high-volume, time-sensitive and secure delivery of information by using advanced Internet technology to send and receive documents using Fax, Email,  EDI, and Telex.

FAX Services

A Hosted Fax Service that has a full suite of fax solutions. Fully managed to help your business forego the costs associated with fax servers, fax machines and processing equipment as well as reduce personnel costs. Improved work flow that can include OCR and Bar Coding of the Fax.  A “Never Busy” Fax platform that can send and receive high volume faxes without the costs associated with maintaining, operating and dedicating enough communication lines required for in-house fax servers.  See benefits by checking out our comparison chart page,  Hosted Fax Service vs In-house Fax Server. Satisfy your corporate governance requirements with our secure digital fax system. Our service empowers regulatory compliance with Sarbanes-Oxley, HIPAA, Gramm-Leach-Bliley and other regulations. Fax Products which include Fax Mail (Fax to Email and Email to Fax), Enterprise Fax, Application Fax, Broadcast Fax and Fax on Demand.  Go to the Left menu to learn more about these products and services. 

EDI Services

Empire Messaging has partnered with the leading top-tier EDI VAN provider to offer a feature-rich set of services that include InLine Translation services, AS2, security, accounting, web administrative tools, and more public and private connections than any other EDI VAN.  Products include Web EDI, EDI Managed Services and EDI Service Bureau. These services will allow your company to strengthen your existing business relationships, add new partners and vendors at will, obtain higher levels of efficiency, and improve your overall ability to gain control of your EDI application.  Go to the Left menu to learn more about these products and services. 

TELEX Services

Empire Messaging has partnered with one of the few remaining Telex providers because we have many customers in the banking, financial systems  and shipping industries who depend on a reliable, hard copy messaging solution to support and verify transactions.   We offer several Telex solutions including Traditional Telex, Internet Telex, Real-Time Telex, or Telex Outsourcing.  Go to the Left menu to learn more about these products and services. 

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